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Supreme Court rules against Glasgow midwives

The main entrance to the Supreme Court (PA)

The court has rejected the case of Mary Doogan and Connie Wood who refused to be involved with abortion procedures

People dance the tango in St Peter's Square to celebrate Pope Francis's  birthday (PA)

Thousands dance the tango in Vatican streets to celebrate Pope’s birthday

Pope Francis is 78 years old today

Pope Francis said that humans were more important than hits (CNS)

Choose your words carefully, Pope tells Catholic media

Pope addressed employees of the Italian Catholic bishops’ television station, TV 2000

Pope Francis is reputed for taking a relaxed approach to security (CNS)

Pope will ride in open vehicles during Philippines visit

Church officials say Francis has asked that there not be any barriers between himself and the faithful

Pope Francis (CNS)

Thousands of tango dancers to mark Pope’s birthday today with flashmob

7,000 dancers plan to tango in Rome for Francis’s 78th birthday.

An Olympic venue? (CNS)

St Peter’s Square could be Olympics venue

Archery may be held in Vatican if Rome wins 2024 Olympics bid

A woman kneels down as she lays flowers in a makeshift memorial near the site where a gunman held hostages for 16 hours at a popular Sydney cafe, Australia (PA)

Irish priest in Sydney says Australians turned to prayer during siege 

Father Brendan Purcell is based at St Mary’s Cathedral, close to where Monday’s siege took place

Sister Agnes Mary Donovan, coordinator of the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, shakes hands with Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi at Tuesday's press conference (CNS)

US women religious welcome Vatican report

Apostolic visitation report marks a new beginning for women religious, sisters say

The main entrance to the Supreme Court (PA)

Supreme Court rules against Glasgow midwives

The court has rejected the case of Mary Doogan and Connie Wood who refused to be involved with abortion procedures

Copies of the final report of a Vatican-ordered investigation of US communities of women religious (CNS)

Apostolic visitation of US women religious was positive, say speakers

Cardinal wants ‘self-assessment’ sparked by visitation to continue

Pakistani volunteers carry a student injured in the shootout at a school under attack by Taliban gunmen (PA)

Pakistani Catholic leader decries ‘barbaric’ attack on school

Catholic Church has joined the chorus of condemnation of the deadly attack by Taliban

Archbishop Gintaras Grusas of Vilnius in Lithuania (CNS)

Lithuanian archbishop fears Russia attack on Baltic states

‘We’re in the front line, and Russia has made its intentions clear,’ says Archbishop of Vilnius

Hundreds of people left flowers at a makeshift memorial in Sydney (PA)

Archbishop of Sydney: ‘Hell has touched us’

Archbishop Fisher speaks at memorial service after two hostages killed in deadly end to Sydney siege

Russian President Vladimir Putin (PA)

The West must find the courage to curb Putin’s aggression

An attack on Lithuania might seem unlikely given that it s part of Nato, but Russia might risk it

The Dalai Lama (PA)

The Chinese government wants to isolate the Dalai Lama – and it’s working

If the Pope had met the Dalai Lama, Chinese Catholics would have been made to suffer

Pope Francis listening to Kiko Arguello, founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, who spoke at the Vatican in February (CNS)

Clearing up misconceptions about the Neocatechumenal Way

The Way’s founder, Kiko Arguello, has written a book that is dramatic, intense, and deeply personal

Ridley Scott poses during a photocall for his film "Exodus" (PA)

Will Ridley Scott’s Biblical film Exodus repeat the success of Gladiator?

Hollywood is full of bright people with a nose for the next classic, but they do not always find it

'For a true traditionalist Catholic, the Pope – the Pope we actually have, not some dream pope who isn’t going to materialise – is his guide' (AP)

Pope Francis’s defence of the depositum fidei needs to be heard

It went largely unreported: now, it should be constantly reiterated. If it is, this could be one of the great pontificates

Children at St Benedict's Catholic school in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. 'All the children are involved in the solemn enactment of something infinitely larger than them' (Photo: CNS)

Toby Young is missing the magic of the nativity play

The beauty lies in children stumbling through the extraordinary story of how God chose to enter the world

Using a free-standing exoskeleton, Thomas Peters can take hundreds of steps in each rehabilitation session

Thomas Peters: ‘The course of my life has changed forever’

He was a handsome blogger known to millions as the American Papist. A freak accident left him fighting for his life – but his faith survived

Westminster Abbey, a former Benedictine monastery founded by St Edward the Confessor (CNS)

How to protect your children from anti-Catholic myths

Andrew M Brown finds ways of dealing with the anti-Catholic bias in many history books

Pope Francis has a touch of steel (Photo: Getty)

Like St Nicholas, Pope Francis packs a punch

The real Francis is not the kindly figure in white showing indulgence to all that the world imagines

'The Archbishop of Canterbury is right to focus on the way so much food gets thrown away' (CNS)

The Archbishop of Canterbury is right to demand action over hunger in Britain

We expect hunger in Africa, sadly, but that it happens in Britain too, one of the world’s richest countries, is shocking

A Kenyan Christian re-enacts the Way of the Cross (CNS)

Going to church is a privilege that people living in a free society must not waste

Christians around the world will endanger their lives this Christmas to celebrate their faith

Edith Sitwell Below: Muriel Spark (PA)

A meeting of two literary converts

Muriel Spark found Catholicism practical and rational, while Edith Sitwell was receptive to the power of sacramental grace